DAAG Virtual Conference
LIVE WEBCAST: June 24-26, 2020


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DAAG Virtual Conference | Day 1

Wednesday, June 24


8:00AM - 9:30 AM (PT):

Session #1: Engineering/Manufacturing Decision-Making

Session Co-Chairs: Steve Glickman, Senior Strategy Analyst, Boeing, Michelle Scarbrough Decision Analytics Manager, Boeing, and Masa Lipilio, Decision Support Analyst, Boeing

Meet the Speakers

9:45AM - 9:55AM (PT):

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9:55AM - 10:AM (PT):

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10:00AM - 11:30AM (PT):

Session #2: US Government making quality technology opportunity framing and investment decisions

Session Co-Chairs: Michael Glinsky, Physicist, Sandia National Laboratories, & Ellen Coopersmith, President, Decision Frameworks

  • Michael Glinsky, Physicist, Sandia National Laboratories. “Portfolio de-risking for major-capital scientific investments”

  • Bruce M. Thompson, Manager, Advanced Decision Analytics, Sandia National Laboratories. “Tradespace Analytics to Support Major Acquisition Programs”

  • Mark L. Kiefer, Manager, Sandia National Laboratories. “Initial Use of Decision Quality Methods for Planning a Billion-Dollar-Class Science and Test Facility”.
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9:55AM - 10:AM (PT):

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Noon - 1:30 PM (PT):

Session #3: Uncertainty in Decision-Making

Session Chair: Neil Hamlett, Principal & Founder, Uncertainty Research

  • Dr. Sam Savage, Executive Director, ProbabilityManagement.org. “The Arithmetic of Uncertainty”
  • Tom Keelin, Managing Partner, Keelin Reed Partners. “Metalog Bayesian Inference: Bayesian Updating That’s Flexible, Simple, Fast, Interpretable, and Closed-Form”
  • Gary J. Summers, President, Pipeline Physics, LLC. “The difference between a model and reality: How does it affect decision analysis?”
Meet the Speakers

At 1:45PM (PT), we'll be hosting a number of happy hour networking rooms below. We invite you to hop in and out and chat with the speakers, and fellow digital attendees.

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DAAG Virtual Conference | Day 2

Thursday, June 25
7:30 AM Breakfast Meetings

  • “Thinking Straight about COVID-19” – Discussion Leader: Carl Spetzler
    • Abstract: Carl will lead a discussion on the topic. The current societal decision making seems to violate some of the requirements of DQ. Why do we see the failures in DQ? How would a decision professional approach the decision needs? What is the cost of failures in DQ?


    • “What About Decision Science for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and Regular Employees?” – Discussion Leader: Tyler Ludlow

      • Abstract: The business model of many internal and external decision professionals is to work on small numbers of big projects, ones whose budget and potential revenues allow for the significant salaries or consulting fees many of us enjoy. At the same time, within the society, many have expressed concerns about the limited reach and impact of our profession. Is there a sustainable business model based on the opposite, i.e., big numbers of small projects? Might it be part of the answer to dramatically scale reach and impact? What needs to change about our thinking and approach to make it successful.

    8:00AM - 9:30 AM (PT):

    Session #4: Case Studies

    Session Co-Chairs: Colin Bower, Principal Petroleum Investment Evaluation, BHP, Brendan Keinath, Team Lead, ExxonMobil.

    • Torsten Clemens, Senior Reservoir Engineering Adviser, OMV Upstream & Jost Püttmann, Department Manager Portfolio, Planning & Performance, OMV Upstream. “Value of Information Including the Risk Preferences and Value at Risk, Example of Polymer Injection Pilot, Matzen Field, Austria”.
    • Jesse Bearce, Cloud Service Provider Group Strategy, Intel Corp. “Cloud Service Provider Demand Modeling - An Intel DA Framing Case Study”
    • David Katz, Principal, Integrated Insights Consulting & Phil Beccue, Founder & Principal, White Deer Partners. “The Importance and Scarcity of Target Product Profiles in Pharmaceutical Development”

    Meet the Speakers

    9:45AM - 9:55AM (PT):

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    9:55AM - 10:00AM (PT):

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    10:00AM -11:30AM (PT):

    Session #5: Enabling Decision Quality Without Direct Engagement

    Session Co-Chairs: Charles Persinger, Senior Research Advisor, Eli Lilly, Adrian Sikorski, Senior Consultant, Decision Frameworks, Rhandeev Singh, Technical Program Manager, Google

    • Bill Klimack, Decision Analysis Functional Manager, Chevron. “Supporting Decision Quality in Chevron”
    • Keith Gardner, Director of Portfolio Strategy, CSL Behring. “Self-Serve Decision Analysis, an Idea Whose Time Has Come”
    • Shashi Jain, Strategic Innovation Manager and Associate Entrepreneur in Residence, Intel Corporation. “Building Strategies in One Hour using the DQ Canvas”
    Meet the Speakers

    SDP Council Meeting Rooms

    Noon - 1:30PM:

    Session #6: Starting the Organizational Decision Quality Journey

    Session Co-Chairs: Andrew Thrift, Manager of Business and Resource Planning, Teck, and Tyler Ludlow, Founder, Decision Science Institute

    • Andrew Burton, Global Chief Decision Analyst, ConocoPhillips
    • Steve Glickman, Senior Strategy Analyst, Boeing
    • Jules Desmond, Strategic Development Director, Global Development, Amgen, Inc.
    • Ian Nevitt, Director Decision Science, Astellas US LLC

      After Introductary remarks, we'll be jumping right into breakout sessions. Please feel free to move between the rooms below.

      At the conclusion of Session 6, we'll be hosting a number of happy hour networking rooms below. We invite you to hop in and out and chat with the speakers, and fellow digital attendees.

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    DAAG Virtual Conference | Day 3

    Friday, June 26
    7:30 AM Breakfast Meetings

    • “Youth & Decision Making” – Discussion Leader: Amy Day
      • Abstract: Decision Science offers us so many tools we naturally apply to our own lives but how do we mentor, teach, or parent young people and emerging adults with these skills? This group generative session will include discussion and sharing of tools, tricks, insights, and struggles people face when mentoring young people with decision-making. My hope is together attendees will find resources, ideas, and community to support them in their decision-mentoring journey.
    • Decision Analysis versus Data Science:  Complementary or competitive? – Discussion Leader: Neil Hamlett

        • Abstract:  Data science has gotten lots of attention during the last few years. A 2012 Harvard Business Review article declared that data science was the "sexiest job in the 21st century."  In INFORMS, the analytics society has eclipsed the decision analysis community as the largest active group.  What are decision professionals to make of this?  We explore these issues in an interactive session.  Exemplary topics include:  Does data science render Decision Quality (DQ) irrelevant?  What does DQ have to contribute to data science?  Under what conditions do machine learning and other statistical methods provide valid evidence for decision-making?

    8:00AM - 9:30AM (PT):

    Session #7: Rapid DQ

    Session Co-Chairs: Carl Spetzler, CEO, Strategic Decisions Group and Einar Sveinsson, Senior Engagement Manager, Strategic Decisions Group

      • Carl Spetzler, CEO, Strategic Decisions Group. “Choosing Your Approach to Rapid DQ”
      • Paul Wicker, Senior Decision Analyst, Chevron Energy Technology Company. “DA - When Speed Matters”
      • Tyler Ludlow, Founder and Chief Decision Scientist, Decision Skills Institute. “Decision Archetypes: Pre-Solved Patterns that Help Individuals Make High Quality Decisions Quickly”
      • Troy Helm, Senior Consultant, Strategic Decisions Group. “Using Engagement Platforms for Rapid DQ”
      • Tom Keelin, Managing Partner, Keelin Reed Partners. “Rapid, Flexible Quantification and Communication of Uncertainty with Metalog Distributions”

    10:00AM - 11:30AM (PT):

    Session #8: Uniting Data Science and Decision Analysis

    Session Co-Chairs: Elayne Ko, Director, GSK, Jim Driscoll, Finance Manager, Intel, and Michelle Scarbrough, Decision Analytics Manager, Boeing

    • Steven Flinn, CEO, Many Worlds, Inc. “Uniting Data Science and Decision Analysis with Data-to-Learning-to-Action
    • Devin Cornish, Decision Science Manager, LinkedIn. “How to Avoid being Right about the Wrong Things: Guiding Data Science towards Insights that Matter
    • DAS/SDP Practice Award winner: "Using Decision Analysis to Integrate Biodiversity into Fire Management Planning”.
      • Libby Rumpff, Senior Research Fellow, School of BioSceinces, University of Melbourne
      • Nevil Amos, Senior Ecologist, Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research
      • Dr. Josephine MacHunter, Fire Ecology Program Leader, Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research
      • Tracey Regan, Applied Quantitative Ecologist, Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research

      Meet the Speakers

      11:45AM - 12:00PM (PT):

      SDP 2020 Awards

      Noon - 1:30PM (PT):

      Session #9: Games, Games, Games: Memorable Lessons on Decision Skills Principles

      Session Chair: Amy Day, Co-Founder and Decision Educator, Clarity4Action

      • Amy Day, Co-Founder and Decision Educator, Clarity4Action. "Projects and Gamification Make Learning Fun”
      • Jay Andersen, Oaken Table Games. “The Design of a DA-based tabletop game”
      • Jim Felli, Devious Weasel Games. “A Brief and Thrilling Over view of Game Design”
      Meet the Speakers


      At the conclusion of DAAG 2020, we invite you to joing our DAAG Debrief, to give feedback and make suggestions for the next conference

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