Virtual Houston Energy Breakfast
LIVE VIRTUAL WEBCAST: November 6, 2020 / 7:30am CT

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Virtual Houston Energy Breakfast
LIVE VIRTUAL WEBCAST: November 6, 2020 / 7:30am CT


As the pandemic continues to play out, the challenge of our times is amounting to the way we ADAPT. Therefore, the HOUSTON ENERGY BREAKFAST, is "adapting" by choosing to pivot from all of our in-person gatherings to virtual live broadcast events. This decision wasn’t easy but it’s most necessary and we think you will find participating from the convenience of your current work space will be refreshing and valuable.

Our events won’t just be another awkward & boring Zoom webinar or event. We have hired a TV Company that will be using a virtual platform that will ensure professional broadcasting and so much more - TAKE A LOOK:

  • PARTICIPATE at your own pace: Ultimately, we hope you can join us "LIVE", but because the event is being recorded, you aren't obligated to the schedule of the live broadcast. You get to decide when and where!
  • Have FULL CONTROL over WHEN you watch the event (Be there for the entire thing “LIVE” or schedule it for a convenient time.
  • Have FULL CONTROL over HOW you watch the presentations: Rewind, Pause, Fast Forward and re-watch your favorite speakers time and time again!
  • Be as Tech Savvy as you want. Be traditional and use your laptop or if you prefer, you can use your phone or tablet. Perhaps cast the event on your TV Screen for better viewing.
  • Prior to the conference kick-off, we will host “Targeted Discussion Rooms” with attendees and speakers for focused chats or just listen and have your coffee.
  • Go back and watch recorded sessions, available for a year after the event.

2020 is about Balancing short & LONG TERM NEEDS.

Company leaders must remain at the top of their game in all aspects of their business. Knowing how to predict risks and uncertainties, while embracing change and accepting new opportunities are key to plunging forward . We've hit "rock bottom" and it's left us walking a thin line. The energy market landscape has shifted and will continue to evolve for a long time to come. Participate in the Houston Energy Breakfast to understand what's next.