Video interviews from Global Gas Council

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Video interviews from Global Gas Council

About Global Gas Council

The Global Gas Council is a voluntary, unincorporated association, comprised of the Ambassadors, or other official representatives, from major gas producing and consuming countries to the United States.

The purposes of the Council are to:

1. Provide a forum for the discussion of common concerns and policy issues that impact the production, delivery and use of natural gas on a global basis and, when necessary, seek to develop and advocate global consensus positions.

2. Remove impediments to the efficient production, processing, transmission, distribution, and consumption of natural gas.

3. Foster greater cooperation across the natural gas value chain in areas including, but not limited to:

a.Technology transfer and sharing of technical expertise;
b.Workforce development and training;
c.Identification and development of commercial opportunities and infrastructure needs;
d.Education of the private and public sectors on the benefits of natural gas as well as the need to develop the resource in a safe and environmentally responsible manner;
e.Development and management of contracts along the natural gas value chain;f.Establishment of the relevant legal and regulatory framework to support production, transport and use of natural gas.

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