ABM & Information Industry Summit 2015:
The Intersection of Information and Technology

June 14-16, 2015

Mandarin Oriental

Washington, DC

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Demystifying Big Data: Monetize Content Through Cognitive Computing and Insights as a Service

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As media and information providers, we have a treasure trove of market and customer data at our disposal that we can use to sell our products more efficiently and effectively than ever before. That’s the theory, anyway. The reality is that media and information providers of all sizes need to take more control of customer data by putting it in an accessible and actionable format, and executing with results. Hear how the New England Journal of Medicine and IBM Watson are teaming up to create a whole new way to serve the healthcare professionals and generate revenue while also staying true to their mission and objectives of the publisher.

Kaveh Massoudian, Strategic Alliances Director, IBM Watson
Robert McKinney, Jr., Director of Commercial Licensing & Global Business Development, The New England
Journal of Medicine
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ABM & Information Industry Summit 2015
The Intersection of Information and Technology

The intersection of information and technology has never been greater, creating new business models and opening up new markets. However, that same evolution requires company leaders to continually update their skillset and knowledge of how to operate. Do you know all you need to know about how to run your business and drive organizational value at a time when the models are fundamentally changing? Do you understand the new benchmarks shaping our industry and the tools to help us hit those goals?

ABM/IIS 2015 brings together two long-standing C-level events events: SIIA’s Information Industry Summit and the ABM Annual Conference. This is the only event for the media and information industry to address the issues of running a company from the executive perspective with a focus on

  • Operation Value
  • Managing Different Disciplines
  • Budget
  • Personnel and culture

    The media, business information, marketing and technology worlds come together at ABM/IIS 2015 to unlock what it means to run a media and information business today with a focus on where new revenue is coming from; the new C-suite dashboards that enable executives to monitor (in real time) and grow their businesses; corporate structure and organizational efficiency; what the investors in our marketplace are looking for; creating the culture to be nimble and productive and draw the top new talent that we need, while always bringing the takeaways back to lifting organizational value and driving revenue.

Who Should Attend

  • Top leadership at business information, media and technology companies, including CEOs and presidents
  • Chief revenue officers
  • Chief technology officers
  • Buyers and sellers, including private equity ownership
  • Divisional leaders and upper level management looking to prepare themselves for the next level.
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