SIPA 2015

June 3-5, 2015

The Capital Hilton
Washington DC

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Official Webcast June 3-5, 2015

Keynote: Using Content Marketing to Drive Revenues for Publishers

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Aaron Kahlow, CEO, Popexpert
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Welcome Remarks
Cindy Carter, President, FDAnews
Luis Hernandez, Vice President, Specialized Information Publishers Association, SIIA
12,932 views | 9 years ago
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Keynote: Using Content Marketing to Drive Revenues for Publishers
Aaron Kahlow, CEO, Popexpert 4,118 views | 9 years ago
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Demystifying Analytics
Kevin Novak, CEO, 2040 Digital

Are you swimming in data and analytics and don’t know how to use what you have? Are you taking the driver’s ...
4,124 views | 9 years ago
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Don't Just Improve Your Email and Digital Marketing - Transform It!
Presenter: Jeanne Jennings, Managing Director, Digital Marketing, Digital Prism Advisors

Content transformation involves more than jus...
4,485 views | 9 years ago
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SIPA Awards
4,514 views | 9 years ago
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Transform Your Data and Business Model for 'Hyper Growth'!
Darrell Gunter, President & CEO, Gunter Media Group, Inc.

Today's publishers don't realize it but they are sitting on a gold mine of inform...
6,188 views | 9 years ago
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Drive Revenue by Using Free Analytic Tools to Understand Your Customer's Web Behavior
John Roney, President, Advanced Search & Business Analytics

Use events flow reports to visualize the order in which users trigger events on...
3,789 views | 9 years ago
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Get Ahead of SEO by Improving User Experience (UX)
Andy Swindler, President, Astek

Do Google’s algorithm updates catch you by surprise? Are you still scrambling to go mobile after “Mobileged...
3,783 views | 9 years ago
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Conference Wrap-up Session with the Conference Committee
4,310 views | 9 years ago
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Keynote: How US News Found New Revenue Sources and Returned to Profitability
Chad Smolinski, Senior Vice President, U.S. News and World Report 5,884 views | 9 years ago

SIPA 2015
Official Webcast June 3-5, 2015


Join us at The Capital Hilton in Washington, DC June 3-5, 2015, where 300+ publishing professionals will gather at the SIPA Annual Conference. This year’s event will focus on Content Transformation: New Models for Profit with good reason - there have never been more channels to deliver content to your customers, or ways to boost revenue. Over the course of two days and five learning tracks, we will feature publishers who have transformed their organizations from a print focus to a platform agnostic business to better serve customers.  Keynotes from industry leaders will shed light on the state of specialized and niche publishing, as well as trends in marketing and sales, product development, content development, and new and better ways to reach your customers. No other publishing forum offers more sharing, more timely insight and more networking time than SIPA’s 39th annual conference, Content Transformation: New Models for Profit.

Here are just a few benefits of attending SIPA 2015

  • Discover how other publishers are making the most out of their existing revenue streams – and where they are finding new sources of revenue!
  • Learn how industry leaders are reorganizing and reengineering their companies to become cutting-edge digital first organizations.
  • Hear how some of the best publishers are making headway in sales and marketing, and how you can do the same!
  • Hear how publishers are managing their ever-growing technology needs.
  • Discuss how publishers are generating and leveraging the best content that keeps customers coming back!
  • Swap ideas and learn fresh approaches to both new and old problems at our always-popular small group roundtables.
  • Network and build critical relationships with peers and suppliers from the U.S. and abroad via ample networking time built into the program.
  • Customize the program to suit your own business needs by selecting from 30+ breakout sessions and numerous topical roundtables across 5 dynamic tracks! 
  • Visit the exhibits and discover ways to save time and money from some of the best suppliers in the industry.

Who should attend?

  • Publishers
  • CEOs
  • Marketing directors
  • Marketing staff
  • E-marketers
  • CFOs
  • Editorial directors
  • Editors and reporters
  • New business developers
  • Event producers
  • IT management and developers
  • Web developers
  • Sales managements
  • Customer service managers


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