IIS 2014

January 29-30,2014

Pier Sixty New York, NY

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The 5 Myths of Internal Disruption What Every CEO Should Know About Driving Directional Change

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The 5 Myths of Internal Disruption What Every CEO Should Know About Driving Directional Change Why is taking an organization in a new direction so difficult? The answer may surprise you. Whether bringing new products to market, or new markets to products, effecting internal disruption is the paramount challenge of leaders seeking to stay competitive in the information industry. And yet, many of the assumptions we make - and actions we take - seem to create more roadblocks than they remove. This session covers the five biggest myths about disruptive change, and how to mitigate them to take your organization to new levels of success. Presenter:
Diane Pierson, VP New Product Development, Infogroup Targeting Solutions
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