AOC Key Soulutions Webcast

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May 4, 2015

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AOC Key Solutions Part One

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AOC Key Soulutions Webcast
May 4, 2015

AOC Key Solutions is a consulting firm specializing in proposal development, capture, and market strategy services for government contractors.

Since 1983, we have proudly supported both large and small federal contractors. Whether your firm is bidding on a large contract, a small business set-aside, preparing task order responses, or GSA schedules, our proposal experts, capture managers, production team, and coaches are ready to help you win. Since our inception, we’ve helped our clients win over $130 billion dollars in Government contracts.

Principle Centered Winning: The Key Solutions Difference

Key Solutions is focused on winning for our clients—but winning the right way. Principle Centered Winning (PCW) is a collection of proven best practices created by our founder, Jim McCarthy, for market assessment, capture support, and proposal development.

Principle Centered Winning is based on service and always placing the interests of our clients first.

Why Choose Key Solutions?

For over 30 years, government contractors have chosen AOC Key Solutions as their trusted partner for capture and proposal support. Here are just a few of the reasons why our clients choose us:

Our people: Over 30 full time capture, proposal, and production professionals supplemented by more than 300 associates and subject matter experts.

Agency & Market Expertise: We have helped clients win bids with over 100 federal agencies, across various markets. [Learn more]

Flexible Capture and Proposal Development Processes: No rigid “99 step” capture and proposal processes. We have flexible and tailored processes that blend well with our clients’ goals, culture, and infrastructure.

Freedom from Organizational Conflicts of Interest: Unlike some in our market, we only work for one client on any given contract opportunity. We believe in Principle Centered Winning, always acting in the client’s best interest. No divided loyalties. No favoritism.

State of the Art Proposal Facility: A modern, secure, wireless, and well equipped 18,500 square foot proposal facility, complete with three war rooms, multiple conference and breakout rooms, and private offices. [Take a tour]


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