SIIA’s Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS)

November 10-12, 2014

Miami Beach

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How Penton Evolved from Publisher to Complete Information Services Provider

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Looking at a glass as ½ full is simply an optimist’s view of an opportunity with as much downside as upside. The opportunity for professional information services companies ahead is ¾’s full. There are a few key trends in user behavior and expectations, the competitive landscape, and technology that position our industry at an unprecedented time of opportunity, but there are some key pitfalls to negotiate around if we are to take full advantage (that’s the other ¼). In his keynote, Penton CEO David Kieselstein will cover eight key opportunities that are driven by these trends, and some real life lessons on both execution and what potential pitfalls as you go after them.
Introduced by: Michael Marchesano, Managing Director, ABM Division, SIIA
Keynote: David Kieselstein, Chief Executive Officer, Penton
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The Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS) is an opportunity for the entire B2B media ecosystem to join together to collaborate on the issues and emerging business models that are driving information businesses.

Why are we coming together? The answer is simple - business models are increasingly interrelated - no longer can any B2B media company survive on old business models alone. Advertising based media companies are becoming data companies; subscription-based businesses are entering the events business; and every media company needs to understand how new advertising networks are disrupting traditional business relationships. The lines between industry segments have become blurred. Essentially everyone is overlapping - so it only makes sense that all of the key industry players come together under one roof to address challenges and opportunities, and to look toward the future. BIMS brings three long-standing SIIA conferences together into one major event: The SIPA Marketing Conference; The ABM Executive Forum; and InfoCommerce’s Data Content. All three will be part of this exciting new event at the historical Fontainbleau Hotel in Miami Beach.

This is a great time to be in B2B. We have the opportunity to take the intersection of technology, media, paid content, and marketing and invent new models and reach new markets. We are looking beyond the destruction of current models, and are instead capitalizing on ways to generate new solutions. By co-locating and coming together at one Summit, we are unlocking the speed to market for your company's growth by providing you with the opportunity to collaborate with all of the right people at once to help you move your company forward.

BIMS will specifically bring to focus new business models and see the growth opportunities that are right in front of you.

By attending you will gather with fellow business information leaders to discuss where our businesses should be heading, what obstacles lay ahead, and how to overcome those obstacles. As a bonus, you will learn new ways to look at your business through the lens of different market segments including marketing, data, business information, and media. These segments are organized into learning tracks to help you get the information you need, quickly.

Throughout the summit we will explore these questions, and more:

  • How are cutting edge media companies building new revenue streams?
  • How can you hire/develop talent to drive your business?
  • How can you increase your enterprise value?
  • How to protect existing revenue streams while you develop new products & services?
Together we will look at what the future of business information looks like which gives us all tremendous power for future growth.


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