VNR #1 - The Preparation

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Maritime Administration Releases Video Highlighting Important Role U.S. Merchant Marine Plays in Supporting our National Security Download the HD Version Here
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In 2014, the MV Cape Ray, 648-foot roll-on/roll-off sealift vessel managed by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration (MARAD), underwent historic modifications that converted the vessel into a floating chemical weapons destruction facility to support the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons at sea. 

MARAD has released a three-part video series, documenting the vessel’s unprecedented  modification and the role U.S. citizen mariners played to enable the specially-trained personnel from the U.S. Army’s Edgewood Chemical Biological Center to safely and successfully neutralizes almost 500,000 liters of chemical agent.

This was the first time the United States neutralized chemical materials at sea. Significant changes made to the ship include the installation of a commercial-grade helicopter landing deck for emergencies, an environmental enclosure with carbon filtration and two Field Deployable Hydrolysis Systems to neutralize and convert chemical agent materials into liquid compounds not usable as weapons.

Download High Resolution VNR #1 Here And Transcript

Download High Resolution VNR #2 Here And Transcript

Download High Resolution VNR #3 Here And Transcript

About the Maritime Administration

The Maritime Administration’s mission is to foster and promote the U.S. Merchant Marine and the American maritime industry to strengthen the maritime transportation system -- including landside infrastructure, the shipbuilding and repair industry, and labor -- to meet the economic and national security needs of our Nation. Additional information about the mission can be found at

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