SIIA Buying and Selling Content

recorded January 27, 2016


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SIIA Buying and Selling Content

on-demand webcast recorded January 27, 2016

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Precon: Assessing Your Opportunity: What Can You Sell?
Text articles are still valuable but no longer king—today the content that is really in demand ranges from data to research to video. Learn how to do ... 4,076 views | 8 years ago
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Precon: Developing a Paid Content Infrastructure
information companies are creating the infrastructure for selling and licensing content, from internal processes to capture and package information to... 4,218 views | 8 years ago
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Precon: Go-to-Market Strategies: How to Price, How To Deal
Experts share how to set pricing for different types of content and how to structure deals that boost the bottom line and create a recurring revenue s... 4,435 views | 8 years ago
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Opening Remarks
3,636 views | 8 years ago
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Keynote: Going Global: How to Break Into New Markets
The demand for business content in foreign markets is a huge opportunity. So are the challenges of breaking into new foreign markets. Alice Ting, VP o... 4,204 views | 8 years ago
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Getting Readers to Pay in the Mobile Economy
Mobile devices will soon be THE primary way that digital content is consumed. The opportunity for content creators is huge—but cracking the code prese... 4,048 views | 8 years ago
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Data is the New Content: Why 'Mediadata' is the Future
Data is fast becoming the most valuable asset that an information and media company owns. Hear how and why marketplace demand has shifted to data and ... 4,680 views | 8 years ago
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Innovations in Licensing of STM Content--and Why This Helps Predict the Future of Your Business
Is STM on your radar? If not, you better start paying attention. When it comes to creating data-driven content and new ways to package and sell that c... 4,225 views | 8 years ago
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Keynote: How Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google are Changing the Content Business
There have never been as many sources creating content as there are today. But how readers actually access news online, day in and day out, is being c... 3,583 views | 8 years ago
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How Millennials Consume Content (and What They're Willing to Pay For)
Between Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y (Millennials), there are more intergenerational workers in the workforce and customers for business content at one ti... 4,056 views | 8 years ago
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SIIA Buying and Selling Content
on-demand webcast recorded January 27, 2016

Buying & Selling Content 2016 gives content licensers and content buyers the chance to get together to discuss the new rules of buying and selling content. During this interactive one day event we will address all of the important topics that are top of mind in your business including: data licensing, copyright, international licensing, meta-data, mobile, apps, SaaS platforms, Content marketing, the list goes on. The program also offers plenty of networking time to encourage an open dialogue between content buyers and sellers. Learn, network, get business done - you won't want to miss it.

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