Virginia Clean Cities:

TVWorldwide Studios
2:00-3:30 PM
April 12, 2012

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Dennis Smith is Director of DOE Clean Cities Program

Alleyn Harned is Director of Virginia Clean Cities


Richard Nelson is a Consultant for the National BioDiesel Board, and Associate Professor for the Center for Sustainable Energy at Kansas State University

Alicia Clancy is Manager of Corporate Affairs for the Renewable Energy Group



Jaye is the Alternate Fuel Manager for Fleets at Dominion Virgina Power



A question and answer session with Dennis Smith, Alleyn Harned, Jaye Lewis, and Jill Hamilton - President at Sustainable Energy Strategies, Inc. and representing the National BioDiesel Board

Join us for a live online event discussing the benefits of using Bio-Diesel in Fleet Vehicles.
This will be a nationwide conversation.

Our speakers and facilitators include:
Alleyn Harned (VCC)
Dennis Smith (DOE Clean Cities)
Jay Lewis (Virginia Dominion Power)
Richard Nelson (National Bio-Diesel Board)
Others TBA…

Please join us online for a live webcast featuring several important stakeholders and fleet managers on April 12th, from 2-3:30 PM about the subject of Bio-Diesel.   We will be discussing some of the success stories dealing with Bio-Diesel, as well as some of the issues surrounding it.

VCC has been actively involved in facilitating the use of Bio-Diesel Fuels and Products in vehicle fleets since its formation.   Bio-Diesel has been growing as a fuel source for many years, and provides many advantages for fleets and stakeholders using it.   VCC is happy to be a facilitator in educating fleets, stakeholders and community members on the growing importance of Bio-Diesel as a fuel.

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